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I have a vast range of experience in all aspects of consulting. I have been advising, supporting and providing a consultancy service to international companies and corporations which are located in Poland. It was in 2009 that TORRANO IC was first established. The vision which we held at TORRANO IC was to respond and help with the needs of Italian and international businesses and individuals, who had a genuine interest in investing in Poland.


We are a company that aims to provide all the services that are necessary when investing in Poland, or establishing a company in Poland. TORRANO IC helps to manage fledgling companies, and help turn their vision into reality.


If you are in need of dynamic development of a new business idea that may require a legal team to supply effective solutions and ideas, based upon particular legal areas, then you have come to right place! I can provide my clients with all legal services, where I can prove essential experience and knowledge within this sector. One of my main aims is to support my client’s legal needs and help them utilize their time more efficiently in developing their business venture further.


I can support you with complex solutions, and I offer a variety of services. Over the years TORRANO IC has helped with the development of specialists from various fields, for example, lawyers, consultants, etc. We have been able to establish the right contact for his or her company.

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Establishing Of Companies

at TORRANO IC we will help you with building the foundations of your business idea. We will help you can official recognition, and approval from the governing authorities to have your business ‘up and running.

Administration Management And Completion Of Tasks

we will help with all the administration side of your company, so that you can focus on a developing your business plans, or the designs of where you want your company to be; you may have to meet with stakeholders, for example, so we can ensure that your company is running smoothly without you having to worry about administration.

Recruitment of qualified staff

at TORRANO IC can help with all of your recruitment needs; we will do everything from attracting the candidates through advertising, interviewing and ensuring that they are the best fit for your company. We can also provide advice on salary levels if you should offer a training scheme or how the promotion scheme will work.

Searching for companies of a specific profile

we will research to see what – who – where and when your potential competitors are; they may be online only, and we can look at the potential of opening both a physical and an online store. We will ensure that we are aware of what competition you may face in your niche.

Market Research

we will conduct all of the relevant market research that you will require. We will carry out surveys to find out if your new idea will work or to gain an insight into what may need developing further for your new product.

Business Plans

at TORRANO IC we will help design, customize and implement your vision in the direction of a successful business.

Enlisting partners for trade and industrial co-operation

at TORRANO IC we will help to source a list of potential partners, or lenders so that you can create a lasting impression about who you are as an individual, but also why they should trade with your company.

Creation of partnerships

you may have two or more individuals that are wanting to invest or be a part of your business. We will help you to create a fair and equal agreement and a contract where all participants will sign and agree to any of the potential gains or risks

Delocalization of projects

at TORRANO IC we offer this relatively new scheme, but using the best techniques to ensure that you reduce costs, productions mainly if you are a Transnational Corporation.

Financial Analysis of your investment portfolio

this service that we offer will help you to evaluate any potential or existing investments. TORRANO IC we analyze the profitability and risk and assessing if it is the best fit for your portfolio


Wrocław ( Breslavia ) is the capital of Lower Silesia one of sixteen administrative regions in Poland. This is the fourth biggest city in Poland (over 650 000 residents) and third largest academic centre. In the years 2006 and 2010 the economic development indicator was the best in Poland (data from PwC). The city is second only to Warsaw with regards to income per capita (data from the end of 2011:

.pl/gus/5840_8478_PLK_HTML.htm). Investment expenditure is the highest in Poland (34.6% of the total spending). What do the following companies have in common: unquestionable leaders of the leasing market in Poland (Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy which belongs to the Crédit Agricole Group), Getin Noble Bank, Eurobank (since 2005 part of Société Générale), Bank Zachodni WBK and Santander Consumer Bank? Their head offices are all located in Wroclaw. Wroclaw can also be proud of its first position in the area of debt collection. At the beginning of the 1990s coupled with the consumer finance sector, a sector dealing with credit risk management was established. Kruk, e-Kancelaria, Fast Finance to name some of the companies that take advantage of Wroclaw’s attractiveness. In order to drive the growth of industrial, service and economic sectors the following factors must be considered:


  • being an academic centre for 145 000 students attending almost thirty schools of higher education, which every year release onto the job market 35 thousand graduates – the city guarantees potential employers specialised staff;
  • Lower Silesia borders with German Saxonia in the West and Czech Republic in the South.


Wroclaw is located 3.5h drive away from Berlin and the new airport serves almost 4 million passengers a year, there are over 30 connections;


  • it is possible to reach Wroclaw from the West along A8 motorway (Motorway Bypass was open in 2011) and along the A4 which connects south of Poland with Germany.
  • The city has industrial traditions second to none: toward the end of 1980s 60% of working people was connected with electromechanical sector and metalwork industry.
  • As part of preparations for hosting Euro 2012 Football Championships Wroclaw invested 2.5 billion Euro in infrastructure, transport and many other important sectors of economy not forgetting about cultural, entertainment and social
  • Wroclaw has an advantage as a result of a diversified economy: next to automotive, pharmaceutical, white goods and high tech equipment manufacturers market leaders there are also international companies in the area of IT technologies, financial services and back office services. Companies such as IBM, Ernst & Young, UPS, Nokia Siemens Networks, Qatar Airways and Credit Suisse recruit financial analysts, IT specialists and young staff with proven knowledge of foreign languages. Wroclaw is the only city in Poland with three KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) centres, where the stress in places on the increase of significance of organisational-management function of strategically important activities for achieving competitive advantage: McKinsey, Irevna and HP are the


Italian tourist and business person discovered Wroclaw thanks to the European Football Championships which took place in stadiums of Poland and Ukraine in 2012. Photographs for press articles and short films broadcasted during matches showed off Wroclaw with its historic old city and wonderful works of architecture. In this way Italian homes received


pictures of a city that is not looking back to the past but is bravely looking ahead. In May 2013, in a long report from Wroclaw, Italian Magazine “La Repubblica” called Wroclaw “Polish Little Italy” due to the large number of young Italians who found jobs and financial stability here.


If you are looking for new business partners and are seriously considering the possibility of entering the Polish market, if you want to introduce new products to Poland or other EU markets and at the same time start a new business venture, Wroclaw is a good place to start.


Let us introduce you better.

Gianbruno Torrano

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